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We can come to you , if you are within a 4 mile radius of the pharmacy .

PCR fit to fly tests made easy, with a courier service to and from your door .

1- Book a time to start your 2 hour slot and fill out your details . Call pharmacy 02088831596 to make your payment.We will confirm your slot.

2- Our driver will arrive in your 2-hour slot .The driver will then wait while you take our easy-to-follow test, before taking it straight to the lab. Results are sent as soon as they are ready.

3- Same day service available till 1pm Mon- Fri and till 12 noon on Saturday. Results after 7pm ( can be up to midnight)

4- Next day service available till 5.30pm on Mon to Fri and On Saturday till 2pm . Results next day after 5pm (till midnight)

5- Same day - £149 , Next day -£109 . Please note any cancellations will incur a 20% handling fee.

Sunday - service is NOT available.

Performing the test : 

Blow your nose

  1. Wash your hands with soap or use a hand sanitiser.

  2. Open your mouth wide and rub the swab over your tonsils (or where they would have been). Avoid the end of the swab touching your teeth, tongue and gums.

  3. Put the same swab inside both your nostrils (about 2.5cm up or until you feel some resistance).

  4. Taking a sample may be uncomfortable and make you gag, but it should not hurt.

  5. Put the swab facing down into the tube and screw the lid tight.

  6. Write your name and date on the tube.